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SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster.

SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster


Zur Zeit stehen keine Webcams zur Verfügung.

We collect and archive sound carriers, pictures, music sheets, literature, instruments and certificates of all kinds from the world of jazz.

A treasure chest for every jazz lover

At the historic gas power plant in Uster that has been built in 1897, todays Music Container, we organize swinging jazz concerts and present thematic exhibitions from our large fund as for example "Women in Jazz". Jazz in its various forms and colours with a focus on Switzerland.

We are looking forward to your visit at our exhibition, at a concert or in our record shop with its large number of rarities. As a passive member or active crew member you may visit our archive.

Find out more about us and the current events on our website. A large collection of LPs and CDs are waiting for you at the record shop. A treasure chest for every jazz lover!

Guided tours and events

Guided tours for groups (up to 25 persons), cocktails and jazz events at the club room upon arrangement.