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Wir bitten Sie, die Schutzkonzepte der Betriebe einzuhalte. Die Museen freuen sich auf Ihren Besuch und danken für Ihr Verständnis betreffend der aktuellen Umstände.
Stedtli Grüningen

Grüningen Castle Museum.

Exciting facts about the history of the small town of Grüningen. Grüningen Castle Museum
Heimatschutzgesellschaft Grüningen
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 79 370 57 40
Lipsi Collection – Unique Art Collection

Lipsi Collection – Unique Art Collection.

Marvel at the unique and impressive LIPSI art collection and get a fascinating insight into the world of the artist couple Morice Lipsi and Hildegard Weber-Lipsi.

Lipsi Collection – Unique Art Collection
Sammlung LIPSI
Im Tobel 4
8340 Hadlikon (Hinwil)
Telefon +41 44 937 50 50

Hinwil Local Museum.

A museum that represents the life and the customs of Hinwil and makes people aware of their own history. Hinwil Local Museum
Ortsmuseum Hinwil
Oberdorfstrasse 11
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 31 35
Schloss Kyburg

Kyburg Castle Museum.

Kyburg Castle emerges 150 meters above the Töss river with a view over the wooded surroundings. Kyburg Castle Museum
Museum Schloss Kyburg
Schloss 1
8314 Kyburg
Tel. +41 52 232 46 64
Maur Museums

Maur Museums.

Local history collection including tools from manufacture and agriculture, furniture and precious household goods, oven tiles and Schooren faience. Maur Museums
Museen Maur
Burgstrasse 8 + 13
8124 Maur
Tel. +41 44 980 26 33
Dürsteler House Local Museum

Dürsteler House Local Museum.

In addition to the collections and the fascinating temporary exhibitions, the house with its facade paintings and the decorated rafters demonstrates how people used to live in the past. Dürsteler House Local Museum
Dürstelerhaus Association
Ms. Annamarie Keller /
Ms. Karin Reinhardt
Grüningerstrasse 150
8626 Ottikon (Gossau ZH)
Phone +41 44 935 39 30 /
+41 44 935 49 03
Museum am Pfäffikersee

Museum at Lake Pfäffikon.

The museum located directly at the lake has been redesigned and shows prehistoric finds from the 18th up to the 20th century. Museum at Lake Pfäffikon
Antiquarische Gesellschaft Pfäffikon
Im Platz 1
8330 Pfäffikon ZH
Tel. +41 44 950 42 80
SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster

SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster.

We collect and archive sound carriers, pictures, music sheets, literature, instruments and certificates of all kinds from the world of jazz. SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster
Musikcontainer Uster
Ackerstrasse 45
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 940 19 82