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Aathal Dinosaur Museum.

Experience prehistoric times up close! A journey into the realm of dinosaurs.

Prehistoric giants and fossils

For more than 25 years, the museum has become an indispensable part of the Zurich Oberland. Unique original skeleton finds from our own excavations (USA Wyoming) are prepared and exhibited at the museum. In addition to dinosaurs, visitors meet other prehistoric giants and discover fossils as unique wonders of nature. Since "Jurassic Park" and other films, the museum has become an attractive excursion destination for younger visitors. Annual special exhibitions continuously complement and update the museum. Every year, a special exhibition is opened at the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, which partly expands the museum and partly brings it up to date with the latest scientific findings.

Visit and guided tours

Guided tours can be booked upon request. Various dinosaur films are shown and the museum shop has everything a true dinosaur fan could wish for. And last but not least, visitors can enjoy their coffee at the cafeteria located right next to the 23-metre-long Brachiosaurus or at the "DinoGiardino" outdoor area where you can also barbecue, have a picnic and play.

Guided tours for up to 25 people, workshops and children's birthdays for up to 10 people.

Current special exhibition "Crazy World of Dinosaurs"

A fun exhibition that inspires and makes you smile - the unique "Crazy World of Dinosaurs"! Check out different kinds and forms of dinosaurs and learn more fascinating facts about them.

Museum director Köbi Siber and many other employees and supporters of the Aathal Dinosaur Museum have collected material on the subject of dinosaurs from near and far, from Europe to the USA and Japan during more than 30 years: a huge collection found while traveling, at trade shows, in toy stores, at excavations or donated by friends and other dinosaur fans. And that's what makes this exhibition unique: It is a collection of many individual pieces, most of which are probably no longer available anywhere. The exhibits are contemporary witnesses, bound to places and events that might trigger childhood memories. The result is a colourful exhibition for young and old.