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Old Water Wheel Mill in Stockrüti.

This is the last working sawmill in the Zurich Oberland driven by a water wheel. Wood, as a raw material, is still processed here as it was 200 years ago.

Saved just in time

The sawmill is located at the highest point of the Industrial Heritage Trail in Stockrüti near Wappenswil at around 800 metres above sea level. It is unique not only because it is the last sawmill in the region but also because its water wheel is the only one far and wide still functioning with a gearing and working machinery. In 1979, the sawmill was almost torn down. To prevent this, a motivated group formed a society. Today, as the “Verein zur Erhaltung alter Handwerk- und Industrieanlagen Zürcher Oberland (VEHI)“, the group is highly committed to the preservation of this historic sawmill.

Sawmill powered by hydropower

The team will show you that the old sawmill still works perfectly by demonstrating the complicated power transmission process from the waterwheel via cog wheels and leather straps. If you book in advance, you can watch how a tree trunk is being sawn. 

Guided tours

The exciting guided tour is perfect for groups of up to twelve people (several groups are possible). The sawmill team is happy to organize an aperitif or barbecue on-site upon request.

Prices for the guided tour

  • up to 12 people: CHF 150
  • between 13 and 30 people: CHF 250
  • from 31 people: CHF 5 per person