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Industrial History.

Flarzhaus Freddi

Dampfbahn DVZO

Steam Train.

Take a journey to the past between Bauma - Bäretswil - Hinwil just as our great-grandparents did. Steam Train
Dampfbahn-Verein Zürcher Oberland

8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 17 71
Flarzhaus Freddi

Flarzhaus Freddi.

The manufacturer Rosa Freddi, born 1885, has lived here until 1978. Her house has been listed as protected building ever since and serves as a living museum. Flarzhaus Freddi
Gemeindeverwaltung Bauma
Dorfstrasse 41
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 397 70 30
Dampfschiff Greif

Greif Steamboat.

The Greif steamboat is the oldest and only passenger ship in Switzerland fired with coal. It operates on the Greifensee, the second largest lake of the canton Zurich. Greif Steamboat
Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee
Seestrasse 35
8124 Maur
Tel. +41 44 980 01 69
Museums-Spinnerei Neuthal

Spinning Mill Museum.

An experienced guide demonstrates the spinning process from "cotton fibre to yarn" at this unique museum. Spinning Mill Museum
Museums-Spinnerei Neuthal
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 52 386 35 06
Weaving Machine Collection Rüti

Weaving Machine Collection Rüti.

Europe's unique RÜTI weaving machine collection is located at Neuthal close to Bäretswil. Weaving Machine Collection Rüti
Webmaschinen-Sammlung Neuthal
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 52 386 35 06

Hand Machine Embroideries.

Find out more about the hundred year old history of hand machine embroideries and experience how colourful patterns are brought upon fabric. Hand Machine Embroideries
Handmaschinenstickerei Neuthal
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 44 932 65 59
Tel. +41 77 403 80 14
Wasserkraft und Arbeit

Industrial Ensemble.

The visitor experiences how water power was used via turbines and hears about the consequences of the change from home work to factory work. Industrial Ensemble
Industrie-Ensemble Neuthal
Engelsteinstrasse 29
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 52 386 35 06
Stockrüti Water Wheel Mill

Stockrüti Water Wheel Mill.

The last saw mill powered by a water wheel in the Zurich Oberland. Stockrüti Water Wheel Mill
Alte Wasserrad-Sagi Stockrüti
Maiwinkelstrasse 1
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 79 132 63 73