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Grüningen Castle.

The castle is Grüningen's landmark. It holds a prominent spot and lends the town its unmistakable character.

A castle for many occasions

The stylish rooms of the castle are the perfect atmosphere for many occasions - weddings, parties or banquets. No matter whether the style of your celebration should be informal or festive, casual or elegant - Grüningen Castle is prepared for every event!

The castle cellar on the ground floor is one of the castle's highlights. During the summer months, the castle cellar turns into a castle café from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The green surroundings and the delightful castle atmosphere allow inspiring seminars and successful conferences. Modern rooms with simple elegance, a contemporary infrastructure and seminar technology are provided.

The castle cellar, the council hall and the office room provide space for 14 to 50 guests.

Castle museum

The museum located on the first floor of the castle provides a good overview of Grüningen's history and its former reign and bailiwick. Old weapons and finds document the life in the Zurich Oberland. The different old views of Grüningen and a model that shows the castle and the town of Grüningen around 1750 are remarkable as well as the true-to-scale model of the former cable car from Wetzikon to Meilen that ran from 1903 to 1950.

Please find further information on Grüningen Castle here  Schloss Grüningen (44 KB) or on the website

We are looking forward to your visit at Grüningen Castle.