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Snowshoe basics.

Snowshoe adventure with Bächli Mountain Sports

Not all beginnings are difficult! Modern snowshoes, telescopic poles, the right clothing, the ideal tour found on the Internet and off you go! Bächli Mountain Sports shows what matters when it comes to equipment.

Snowshoes for young and old

Snowshoes are the oldest means of transport in winter. On snowshoes you are able to fully enjoy winter scenery. Unlike ski touring, you don't need any hills with a specific degree of steepness. It is thus an ideal activity for families and children who like to search for trails in winter.

One snowshoe isn't like another

As you choose between a slalom carver, a giant slalom or a freeride ski for alpine skiing, also snowshoes offer different models for every requirement and purpose. «Flat country» snowshoes usually feature easy-to-adjust bindings, do without integrated crampons and cost less. Those who like to go for more challenging summit ascents should choose alpine snowshoes with climbing-style bindings, a torsion-resistant frame, aggressive crampons and effective climbing aids.

As for ski tours, the same applies for snowshoeing: large deep snow baskets for your poles! This reduces the risk to sink into the baseless snow as you would with tiny alpine baskets. On the ascent they will give you more power and on the descent they will provide you with more security.

Despite the pleasure of a winterly atmosphere, you have to be aware of danger. If you move to Alpine terrain it is necessary to take personal protective equipment along, including an avalanche transceiver, an avalanche probe and a shovel. Equally required is the knowledge and the routine how to use those tools. The best way to get familiar with them is an avalanche instruction (e.g. offered by Bächli on Tour and bergpunkt).