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Tour Map

Tour Map.

Discover the beauty of the Zurich Oberland on a snowshoe tour. Click here to get directly to the map of the tours listed below. Tour Map
Snowshoe Basics

Snowshoe Basics.

Not all beginnings are difficult! Modern snowshoes, telescopic poles, the right clothing, the ideal tour found on the Internet and off you go! Bächli Mountain Sports shows what matters when it comes to equipment. Snowshoe Basics
Bächli Bergsport AG
Filiale Volketswil
Brunnenstrasse 1
8604 Volketswil
Tel. +41 43 399 41 00
Atzmännig Snowshoe Tour

Atzmännig Snowshoe Tour.

Discover the beautiful snow covered pre-Alpine landscape on snowshoes. Atzmännig Snowshoe Tour
Sportbahnen Atzmännig AG
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 64 34
Snowshoe Hike

Snowshoe Hike.

A guided snowshoe hike at Gyrenbad! Fabulous! Snowshoe Hike