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One card for the outdoor pools and public baths of Bubikon, Egg, Gossau, Grüningen, Hinwil, Pfäffikon, Turbenthal, Uster, Wald and Wetzikon. For CHF 90.– you will have the free choice of the following 'refreshments' offered at the Zurich Oberland. Children from 6 to 18 years pay CHF 40.- for this seasonal pass. Add a one-time issuing charge of CHF 10.-. The fee is waived for clients of Zürcher Kantonalbank upon presentation of the customer card.

Where to buy the waterpass
The card is sold at all participating pools. Bring along your passport photo. Depending on the sales point, the card will be issued on the spot or sent to your home address after a few day.

The waterpass flyer 2018 can be ordered under brochures.

Check out here where you can use the waterpass.

Bad Egelsee Bubikon

Egelsee Swimming Area.

Water temperature, opening hours and further information about the Egelsee swimming area in Bubikon. 

(Only available in German.)

Egelsee Swimming Area
Bad Egelsee
Strandbad Weg 2
8608 Bubikon
Tel. +41 55 243 19 94
Strandbad Egg am Greifensee

Egg Public Bathing Area at the Greifensee.

The beautiful and neat mid-sized public swimming area at the upper Greifensee! Here you will find everything to be able to enjoy water and nature to its fullest. Egg Public Bathing Area at the Greifensee
Strandbad Egg am Greifensee
Rällikon 34
8132 Egg b. Zürich
Tel. +41 44 980 41 30
Schwimmbad Steg

Steg Pool.

A pool far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; the perfect place to relax and let yourself unwind. Steg Pool
Schwimmbad Steg
Ohrütistrassse 22
8496 Steg im Tösstal
Tel. +41 55 245 18 61
Schwimmbad Tannenberg

Tannenberg Pool.

Tannenberg - a spacious village pool with a vast water area, beautifully situated in the countryside. Tannenberg Pool
Schwimmbad Tannenberg
Tannenbergstrasse 1
8625 Gossau ZH
Tel. +41 44 935 18 09
Schwimmbad Grüningen

Grüningen Pool.

The pool at the Tränkibach is idyllically situated and open from May to September. Grüningen Pool
Freibad Tränkibach
Im Tränkibach
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 44 935 22 69
Hinwil Badi

Hinwil Pool.

Refreshment and fun for everyone at the Hinwil pool. Hinwil Pool
Badi Hinwil
Wihaldenstrasse 60
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 39 22
Badi Pfäffikon

Pfäffikon Public Swimming Pool - a Pearl at the Lake.

The Pfäffikon public swimming pool is beautifully situated at the reedy shore of the lake, with a small sandy beach and a gorgeous view of the Alpine chain. Pfäffikon Public Swimming Pool - a Pearl at the Lake
Strandbad Baumen
Baumenstrasse 40
8330 Pfäffikon ZH
Tel. +41 44 950 13 70
Schwimmbad Neuguet

Neuguet Pool.

The spacious facility attracts skaters and bikers from the Töss river path and is an ideal destination for the homesick who used to live in the Töss Valley and were swimming in the pool when they were children. Neuguet Pool
Schwimmbad Neuguet
Tösstalstrasse 148
8488 Turbenthal
Tel. +41 52 385 15 00