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Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing.

Yearning for tranquillity and regeneration? Forest bathing enhances and restores the connection between man and nature.

Shinrin Yoku - mindful immersion in a forest atmosphere

The central element of forest bathing is mindfulness, which involves moving slowly and taking your time, more of a stroll actually. One could also describe it as “looking at nature with the eyes of a child“.  

Mindfulness means living for the moment (allowing the daily worries to rest completely), activating the senses (learn to hear, touch, smell, taste and see), not pursuing an achievement-oriented goal (nothing is a must, only options!) not judging and treating oneself to breaks.

By using different techniques such as change of focus, experiencing the elements (air, water, earth, fire), breathing or creative exercises (e.g. designing mandalas, writing poems), we are allowed to sort ourselves out, slow down the pace of life and experience peace and satisfaction.

Treat yourself to some time out and do not hesitate to contact Stefanie Mattenberger at anima naturalis to find out more about the different courses.