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Code of Honour – Bikers and Hikers.

Out and about on hiking paths and trails with due respect and consideration.

Hikers and bikers – a joint effort

  • use their marked trails whenever possible
  • yield to bikers without unnecessarily obstructing their passage


  • use their marked trails whenever possible
  • anticipate other trail users and make themselves noticed (e.g. bicycle bell)
  • reduce their speed when hikers approach or in situations where hikers could be near
  • let hikers go first
  • show consideration for the use of trails by driving respectfully and carefully (e.g. no skid marks on nature trails/gravel roads)
  • respect signals (e.g. push the bike)
  • respect rights of landowners (e.g. no trespassing)

Source: SwitzerlandMobility Foundation
International rules of IMBA