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Töss Water Experience Trail.

The communities of the Töss Valley have set up the Töss experience trail in the year 1991, dedicated to the element of water.

Water experience trail

Geological shapes, water power, the Töss river retention and drinking water production is explained in detail. 48 boards along the Töss river explain the hydrologic, geologic and water management related significance of the river.

The best time to ...

In summer or autumn the weather is probably best for a hike or bike tour along the water experience trail; in spring however, you will see the thundering waterfalls.

Further information

The experience trail is ideal for inline skaters. 

Start and finish 
Any community along the Töss Valley, e.g. Bauma, Wila, Turbenthal, Kollbrunn etc. 

Total length of the experience trail 
About 15 km