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Culinary Valley of Goldingen.

Kulinarisches Goldingertal

Route description
Before we ascend to Farner mountain, we stop in Goldingen at Markus Sutter's cheese factory to see how he produces the award-winning raw milk Tilsiter cheese. Then we hike to Bannholz and the Bannholz restaurant. Here you are able to enjoy Goldingen trout and crisp cordon bleus. Our trail continues along the Faltigberg clinic. The Koster cheese factory that is famous for its delicious sheep milk products is adjacent. It offers its guests an interesting guided tour of its business.

Breath-taking view
At the Chrinnen hamlet have a look at the idyllic farmsteads. It will get steep now but the view is even more fantastic. Have a look across to Hüttchopf, Scheidegg and Bachtel mountain. Even Lake Zurich is visible from up here. Soon you will have reached the Farner Alp. Next to grazing goats and cows you can enjoy the beautiful terrace and home-style meals while the kids play at the playground.

Good catch

At the signpost we stop once again for the gorgeous view of the Valley of Goldingen before we must focus on our feet. Via Sack and Neuschwand we descend fast and steep back into the valley. Shortly before Goldingen, we pass the farm of the Hefti family. Upon arrangement, hobby fishermen may catch and prepare their own trout here.

Experiences on the way.

Sutter Cheese Factory

Sutter Cheese Factory.

Our cheese factory is located in the beautiful Valley of Goldingen and is today managed by the third generation of the same family. We produce eleven different cheese specialities. Sutter Cheese Factory
Käserei Sutter
Hintergoldingerstrasse 4
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 11 67
Bannholz Restaurant

Bannholz Restaurant.

We place great importance on local, homemade products. Bannholz Restaurant
Restaurant Bannholz
Bannholzstrasse 16
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 14 55
Kutschenfahrten Hefti, Goldingen

Carriage Rides.

Our farm keeps mother cows, trout and horses for carriage rides. Carriage Rides
Fischen und Kutschenfahrten
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 13 59