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Cultural history of the Zurich Oberland.

Kulturhistorisches Zürcher Oberland

Route description

From Hinwil station we pass the beautiful farm garden of the local museum of Hinwil and the sculpture garden of Franz Hero on our way to the snug ravine. Listening to the murmur of the creek, we go through the forest up to the fire place close to the Giessen waterfall. Over a long staircase we get to the Ringwil pond – a nature reserve and paradise for birds and amphibians. In Ringwil we follow the sign to Allmen. It's worth looking back: on the horizon you can see Rigi and the Mythen mountains and other mountain tops.

A must for every lover of old vehicles

When we get to the wider road, we turn left to arrive at Tisenwaldsberg. A car museum is located here, for which Jean-Louis Junod and his sons have brought together one of the most beautiful and most exclusive car and motorbike collections of Switzerland.

The power of water

The main road then leads us in direction of Wappenswil to the Stockrüti saw mill. It is the last saw mill operated by a water wheel in the Zurich Oberland. Visitors may view on a guided tour how the power of a 5 meter high water wheel saws tree trunks. Bäretswil is only a stone's throw away. Passing the Wappenswil pond, we hike on the Zurich Oberland industrial heritage trail along the edge of the forest to the village.

Experiences on the way.


Hinwil Local Museum.

A museum that represents the life and the customs of Hinwil and makes people aware of their own history. Hinwil Local Museum
Ortsmuseum Hinwil
Oberdorfstrasse 11
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 31 35
Old Water Wheel Mill in Stockrüti

Old Water Wheel Mill in Stockrüti.

This is the last working sawmill in the Zurich Oberland driven by a water wheel. Wood, as a raw material, is still processed here as it was 200 years ago. Old Water Wheel Mill in Stockrüti
Alte Wasserrad-Sagi Stockrüti
Maiwinkelstrasse 1
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 79 132 63 73