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Five Francs Path.


Route description
Shortly after the departure you must stop at Kupper’s farm shop with its range of fruit, berries and homemade products. A little further on, the trail branches out. From here you can hike via the Farenbach ravine or over the picturesque old town of Elgg to the Guhwil mill. If you choose the latter option, you pass the Würmli butcher shop on the way to the castle of Elgg. The castle is privately owned but you can visit the restaurant that used to be a barn.

Belle Epoque and gugelhopf

Those who are hungry may stop at the Guhwilmüli restaurant. The elegance of the Belle Epoque meets the rustic charm of the farmhouse – a unique atmosphere with hearty meals and homemade cherry gugelhopf. After a delicious meal, we resume our hike towards Schauenberg that offers a historic ruin and a magnificent view of the Alps and the volcanic region of Hegau.

Dine as they did a hundred years ago
In Girenbad, the next historic culinary treats are waiting for us at the carefully renovated Gyrenbad restaurant that has once been founded as a spa village and spoils us nowadays with local specialities. The short hike to Turbenthal leads down a steep forest path.  Why don't you buy a few culinary souvenirs for those who have stayed at home at the Brunner village butcher or at the Ehriker bakery?

Experiences on the way.

Das ehemalige Kurhaus.

Gyrenbad Restaurant.

The traditional guesthouse is run by the Kunz family in the third generation with great commitment and dedication. Gyrenbad Restaurant
Gasthof Gyrenbad
Girenbadstrasse 133
8488 Turbenthal
Tel. +41 52 385 15 66
Kupper's Hoflädeli

Kuppers' Farm Shop.

We are a farm at the outskirts of the beautiful Elgg village. Kuppers' Farm Shop
Kupper's Hoflädeli
Obermühle 2
8353 Elgg
Tel. +41 52 364 23 87