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Around Lake Pfäffikon.

Rund um den Pfäffikersee

Route description
It only takes a few minutes to get from Pfäffikon station to the lakeside promenade. Let's go right around the lake where we soon get to a ruderal site that the city has conceded to nature as a contribution to biodiversity. Anyway, the lake is an important retreat for local flora and fauna: the largest part of the shore is under nature conservation.

Pumpkin charm

Through reed beds and marsh land, then along the edge of the forest we soon get to large fruit plantations. They are already part of the Juckerfarm. Every fall, a unique spectacle is provided here - all about pumpkins: exhibitions where characters from fairy tales or dinosaurs have been made of pumpkins and a regatta where the boaters try to steer giant carved pumpkins; just to mention a few of the many attractions as also outside of pumpkin season there is always a lot to discover.

Historic climbing paradise

After the excursion to the farm, we follow the path to the Auslikon public bathing area. Further on, shortly before Pfäffikon the ruins of a Roman fortress are located at Irgenhausen. The fortress had been built around 300 years after Christ. Adults are impressed by the view; children enjoy the spacious climbing paradise. A short time later we are back at Pfäffikon and at the Baumen public bath that attracts with water slides and a sandy beach. Who can resist a refreshing dip into the water?

Experiences on the way.

Jucker's Adventure Farm

Jucker's Adventure Farm.

Plenty of farm life to enjoy at a unique spot with lake and mountain view: Jucker Farm in Seegräben (ZH). For day trips, farm shopping, festive events and seminars. Jucker's Adventure Farm
Dorfstrasse 23
8607 Aathal-Seegräben
Tel. +41 44 934 34 84
Badi Pfäffikon

Pfäffikon - Public Bath at the Lake.

Public bath with a heated 50m pool, diving board, raft, and many more. The sauna can be booked throughout the year. Pfäffikon - Public Bath at the Lake
Strandbad Baumen
Baumenstrasse 40
8330 Pfäffikon ZH
Tel. +41 44 950 13 70