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Packed Backpack.

Rucksack füll dich

Route description

For centuries, pilgrims on the Route of St. James from Germany to Santiago de Compostela have walked the spiritual path from the Benedictine Fischingen monastery over the Hörnli mountain. The monastery that has been founded in 1138 still provides the pilgrims with shelter, meals and blessing. But ordinary hikers as well are spoilt with homemade cakes at the monastery restaurant. The old Baroque church and Brother Pierre's pottery are worth a visit.

Hearty snacks to fill your backpack

The cheese factory of the Heinzer family is located at Au. The pilgrims' cheese is produced here – a must for the provisions of any pilgrim! We need the energy as the trail gets steeper and steeper. Soon we will walk past the natural protected Ergeten alp. If you are lucky you may discover rare animals or plants here. Arrived at the Hörnli mountain, we discover the gorgeous view and the mountain restaurant.

In the valley in no time

Those who are tired from walking, can rent a scooter here and race down to Steg. Those who want to follow the pilgrims, walk along the one-hour trail down to the valley. While waiting for the train, you may stop at the Voland confectionery. Try delicacies like the famous Baumerfladen, a traditional filled gingerbread, or even take a glance at the bake house (for registered guests).

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Experiences on the way.


Hörnli Mountain Restaurant.

Different ascents from Bauma, Steg, Sternenberg, Fischingen and Hulftegg lead through a varied natural scenery and hiking area to Hörnli mountain. Hörnli Mountain Restaurant
Berggasthaus Hörnli
Hörnli 1
8496 Steg im Tösstal
Tel. +41 55 245 12 02
Kloster Fischingen

Fischingen Monastery.

Fischingen Monastery is the only monastery in the canton Thurgau still inhabited by monks.

29 hotel rooms (double or single occupancy), 2 dormitories
A total of 91 beds
13 seminar rooms for up to 180 people
Guided tours for up to 40 participants Fischingen Monastery
Seminarhotel Kloster Fischingen
8376 Fischingen
Tel. +41 71 978 72 11
Au Cheese Factory

Au Cheese Factory.

Since mid-2005, the pilgrim's cheese and traditional Appenzell cheese has been produced at the Au cheese factory. Au Cheese Factory
Käserei Au
Bildweg 1
8376 Au TG
Tel. +41 71 977 13 92
Voland Confectionery

Voland Confectionery.

Enjoy the delicacies of the Voland café, confectionery and pastry shop at seven different locations in the Zurich Oberland: Bauma - Steg - Wald - Rüti - Bäretswil - Laupen - Fehraltorf. Voland Confectionery
Konditorei Voland
Tösstalstrasse 83
8496 Steg im Tösstal
Tel. +41 55 265 11 30