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Zurich Oberland Milky Way.

Zürcher Oberländer Milchstrasse

Route description
The Zurich Oberland Milky Way starts at Hinwil station. It is worthwhile to make a first culinary stop at the Rüegg dairy in Hinwil. Via Sack we soon reach Wernetshausen and the Bachtel dairy, not only famous for its good cheese but also for the handmade raw-milk butter, the curd cheese and yoghurt selection. The dairy follows the guidelines of the Demeter organic label.

Goats and automobiles
We continue on the Sennhüttenstrasse towards Girenbad. The village features two cheese factories. The curious goats along the path show us the way to Schuppli's goat dairy. Its delicacies are sold at the Girenbad dairy together with their own specialities. Via Schofrain we get to the Thysenwaldsberg cheese factory. Those who are interested may combine their tasting of Waldsberg cheese with a visit at the vehicle museum.

Knights and lumberjacks
After this excursion we continue through the forest and get to the Chopfholz farm inn where you will be spoilt with a fantastic view and homemade organic specialities. Along the road we get to the last stop of the Zurich Oberland Milky Way: the Rüegg cheese factory in Ringwil. Anyone who would like to know what a Rusty Knight or a Lumberjack tastes like, must stop here. By bus or walking on the hiking trail through the romantic Wildbach ravine, we reach Hinwil again.

Experiences on the way.

Käserei Rüegg, Hinwil

Rüegg Dairy.

At the foot of Bachtel mountain, at the Rüegg dairy, we use the milk of the Hess family from Dürnten and produce a variety of 36 yoghurts, butter, quark, cream and pasteurized milk with great passion and pleasure. Rüegg Dairy
Molkerei Rüegg
Walderstrasse 4
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 32 13
Bachtel Dairy

Bachtel Dairy.

The Bachtel dairy is a multifaceted business that only processes milk from bio-dynamic farms. Bachtel Dairy
Sennerei Bachtel / Damalis AG
Vital Brodbeck
Sennhüttenstrasse 13
8342 Wernetshausen
Tel. +41 43 843 12 20
Schuppli's Goat Dairy

Schuppli's Goat Dairy.

Schuppli's goat dairy has been processing around 200,000 kilo goat milk a year since 2009. 9 local milk suppliers provide the milk. Schuppli's Goat Dairy
Schupplis Geisse-Chäsi
Koni und Monika Schuppli
Höhenstrasse 102a
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 11 90

Girenbad Cheese Factory.

The Girenbad cheese factory is a village dairy with its own shop. Discover our regional products and the traditional handicraft on a guided tour. Girenbad Cheese Factory
Chäsi Girenbad
Höhenstrasse 110
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 44 937 20 69
Rüegg Cheese Factory

Rüegg Cheese Factory.

Roland Rüegg's cheese factory in Ringwil is widely known for its specialities. Rüegg Cheese Factory
Käserei Rüegg GmbH
Neueggstrasse 2
8340 Hinwil
Tel. +41 79 457 31 37