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wildi bistro-schuppe.

As a small family business, we have established a cosy bistro in the freight shed of the former Uerikon-Bauma railway (UeBB).

Built in the year 1901, the freight shed has visible signs of use from the pioneer era. The interior furnishings were selected to reflect earlier times and create a special ambience. The Steam Train Association of the Zurich Oberland (DVZO) has ensured the revival of the pioneer era and a steam train regularly stops at Neuthal station.


The bistro offers natural and seasonal cuisine inspired by Switzerland and Croatia. Meat is directly supplied by organic farmers who guarantee species-appropriate husbandry of farm animals, our cheese is made by natürli Zurich Oberland and vegetables are from Bio-Hüttenhof, Auslikon. The chef creates specialities such as stews, vegetarian, gluten- and dairy-free dishes. The hosts serve exquisite wines from Switzerland and Croatia, cool full-bodied beers from the traditional Rosengarten family brewery in Einsiedeln and delicious fruit juices.

Time for guests, if they wish, and building and maintaining relationships are as important to the hosts as delicious food.


Wildi bistro-schuppe is close to the Neuthal textile and industrial heritage site, directly at the industrial heritage trail, the bike trail and it is the starting point of the Guyer-Zeller hiking trails as well as a stop for the historical steam train and the Zurich Oberland public transportation (line 850).