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Sternen Guesthouse.

Stop by all by yourself or together with your family and friends: The Sternen guesthouse offers excellent hospitality with home-style cooking at a cosy, rural restaurant.

Our specialities

The Sternen team recommends refined home-style cooking with a rich variety of dishes à la carte or from the daily menu. Don't miss our delicious seasonal dishes, such as different varieties of asparagus in spring, local game specialities in fall, as well as one of our all-year classics: tender meat grilled on a hot stone. Let yourself be surprised.

Sternen history

In 2003, Christoph Schaub produced the famous Swiss film "Sternenberg" at the premises of the Sternen guesthouse. A fire in the night of December 19, 2016, burnt down the historic site to its foundation walls. The building has been rebuilt in the following until May 2020, when the Sternen started to shine again in new splendour made of regional wood.