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From the Meadow onto your Plate.

von der Wiese auf den Teller

Description of the route

The trail leads us from Wila over the Töss river to the hamlet of Tablat. During the summer, you can visit the vivarium and its beautiful natural garden with local amphibians and reptiles, then along the Töss river before you walk through the forest to the Hochlanden mountain.

Homemade food fresh from the farm

Back in the 14th century, an impressive castle has overlooked the area. Nowadays, there is not much left of it as most of the bricks have been used for building the cotton-spinning mill of Turbenthal. A detour that is definitely worthwhile, leads us from the ruin in less than ten minutes to the Manzenhueb adventure farm where the Ott family spoils their guests in the garden arcade with homemade products and meat from the farm.

Bacon and cheese
Back at Vorder Eich we descend to the Töss river and reach Saland. The Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei, a ham smokehouse with its traditional farm smoke procedure produces high quality meat and sausages. You will also find delicacies at the natürli zürioberland ag. Where high-tech meets handicraft, the most delicious local milk and cheese specialities are produced. Visitors may taste from the extensive product range or even try to make their own cheese. Tired from hiking? You are free to take the train at Saland station. Everyone else follows the Töss river downstream. In less than fifty minutes you are back in Wila.

Experiences on the way.

Vivarium Tablat

Tablat Vivarium.

Local amphibians and reptiles can be observed from up close in the species-appropriate aqua and land terrariums of our vivarium. Tablat Vivarium
Vivarium Tablat
Tablat 1030
8492 Wila
Tel. +41 52 385 35 76


Host your event together with 15 to up to 50 people. Heubode
Restaurant Heubode
Familie Regula & Josua Spörri-Ott
8492 Wila
Tel. +41 52 385 13 19
Lötterle Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG

Lötterle Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG.

The Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG, a traditional ham smokehouse, has been founded in 1978 as a family-owned company and has been managed by the Lötterle family ever since. Lötterle Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG
Lötterle Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG
Oberzelgstrasse 2
8493 Saland
Tel. +41 52 386 24 20