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Bike and E-Bike Rental.

Would you like to leave your bike at home or test an e-bike?
Don't hesitate. You can rent bikes and e-bikes at the following locations in the Zurich Oberland...

Bike and e-bike rentals

HRF Bike (e-bikes)
8636 Wald

Rental stations at the Greifensee
8610 Uster / 8603 Greifensee

8488 Turbenthal

Schifflände Restaurant (only bikes)
8127 Maur

Rent a Bike (e-bikes)

Battery exchange station

Kyburg Castle Museum (only Flyer e-bikes)
8314 Kyburg

Gyrenbad Restaurant (only Flyer e-bikes)
8488 Turbenthal

Alter Steinshof Seminar House (only Flyer e-bikes)
8499 Sternenberg

Adler Inn (only Flyer e-bikes)
8627 Grüningen

Wassberg Hotel (all e-bike types)
8127 Forch