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Velofahrer beim Schloss Greifensee

Herzroute Etappe 10

Heart Route.

The Heart Route (Herzroute) leads bikers and e-bikers on routes with beautiful views and only light traffic through Switzerland. As of April 1, 2015 one part of it passes through the Zurich Oberland. Get ready and enjoy with all your senses! Heart Route
Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours.

Discover the beauty of the Zurich Oberland on a bike tour. Here you get directly to the survey map indicating the tours specified below. Adventure Tours
Cycling in Switzerland

Cycling in Switzerland.

Discover the most beautiful bike routes of the Zurich Oberland selected by the Switzerland Mobility Foundation.

Cycling in Switzerland
Bike and E-Bike Rental

Bike and E-Bike Rental.

Would you like to leave your bike at home or test an e-bike?
Don't hesitate. You can rent bikes and e-bikes at the following locations in the Zurich Oberland... Bike and E-Bike Rental