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Seminars & Conferences.

Löwen Rüti

Löwen Rüti.

The Löwen has been owned by the political municipality of Rüti ZH since 1916. Stories can be traced back to the year 1650. Löwen Rüti
Gemeindeverwaltung Rüti
Bauamt / Liegenschaften
Breitenhofstrasse 30
8630 Rüti
Tel. +41 55 251 32 10
illuster Hotel

illuster Hotel.

After two years of intensive rebuilding, the illuster hotel presents a brilliant new look. illuster Hotel
Hotel illuster
Zürichstrasse 14
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 944 85 85
Garden Events

Garden Events.

Enjoy your party under the open sky at the oasis of the Garden Events plant park. Garden Events
Garden Events
by Kunzbaumschulen AG
Gschwaderstrasse 75
8610 Uster

+41 79 674 95 19
Celebrate with us in Saland

Celebrate with us in Saland.

Enjoy lodge romance at the event barn (60-80 guests) or at the Alpine hut (80-120 guests). Celebrate with us in Saland
Schindler & Scheibling AG
Aathalstrasse 88
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 944 93 30
Sunnebad Seminar Hotel

Sunnebad Seminar Hotel.

The Sunnebad seminar hotel in Sternenberg is the unique event location for weddings, family celebrations and company events.  Sunnebad Seminar Hotel
Gasthof Sunnebad
Hinterbergstrasse 20
8499 Sternenberg
Sternen Guesthouse

Sternen Guesthouse.

Stop by all by yourself or together with your family and friends: The Sternen guesthouse offers excellent hospitality and refined home-style cooking at a cosy, rural restaurant. Sternen Guesthouse
Gasthaus Sternen
Sternenstrasse 10A
8499 Sternenberg
Tel. +41 52 386 14 02
Schnurrberg Alpine Restaurant

Schnurrberg Alpine Restaurant.

Experience catering in a family atmosphere and relax surrounded by the clanging of cow bells at our snug garden restaurant. Schnurrberg Alpine Restaurant
Bergrestaurant Alp Schnurrberg
8488 Turbenthal
Tel. +41 52 385 13 23
Das ehemalige Kurhaus.

Gyrenbad Restaurant.

The traditional guesthouse is run by the Kunz family in the third generation with great commitment and dedication. Gyrenbad Restaurant
Gasthof Gyrenbad
Girenbadstrasse 133
8488 Turbenthal
Tel. +41 52 385 15 66