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Climb, marvel, browse & cuddle - adventure trails

Climb, marvel, browse & cuddle - adventure trails.

One click and you enter the variety of the Zurich Oberland: Adventure, delight and culture. All inclusive from tour guide to meals and overnight accommodation. Conveniently book one of the six adventure hikes and set off to your next adventure. Explore now!


Acht Gipfel in einem Sommer klingt nach Anstrengung? Viel besser: klingt nach Aussicht, nach urchigen Berggasthäusern, nach spannenden Pfaden und nach der Chance auf einen Gewinn! Machen Sie sich auf zu den Gipfel-Highlights im Zürioberland.
Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering.

As a company, make an active contribution to the preservation of the region's natural and cultural landscapes. Zurich Oberland's association promoting tourism, culture & society, regional products and the economy organises one-day assignments that are beneficial for nature and offer your employees an unforgettable teambuilding experience.
Water Pass

Water Pass.

One pass for 15 outdoor and indoor pools and public baths at the Zurich Oberland. For CHF 105 you will have free access to a whole range of refreshing water activities.