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ZVV Ski Ticket Special.

Get your cut-out lift ticket from this year's Zurich Transport Network brochure "Winter-Ausflugstipps" 2016/17. Completely filled out, you shall be able to enjoy a ski day at one of the selected ski lifts of the Zurich Oberland during the winter season 2016/17.

Participating ski lifts are the following:
Fischenthal ski lift
Steg ski lift
Steig ski lift, Bäretswil
Sternenberg ski lift
Wildberg ski lift

  • Only original lift tickets from the ZVV brochure "Winter-Ausflugstipps" 2016/17 are valid.
  • The lift ticket must be filled out completely to be able to exchange it with a ticket of the ski lift.
  • One ticket per person during one season.
  • Copies of any kind are not accepted and shall be punished by a fine.

Please order your ZVV excursion brochure.